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Re: Starting to question MyficoM

Mod....yes the 648 was while the baddie (derogatory) was on my report ( I actually got a score bump 2-3 weeks ago to 651 cause my balanced increased by $6 on my Cap1..still can't figure that out) I did go ahead and pull my EQ last night for the $13 and yes the baddie is gone. I disputed throught the CB online and waited for the 30 day results and last week got the good news that it was taken off. I thought for sure after that and paying down the cards I would of at least seen a 10-20 point increas. I will prob get another alert here in the next week showing a increase in score I'm sure since my Cap1 and Macy's still haven't updated the new balance yet but at the most it will put me back to where I gain Smiley Sad  Heck my (different scoring/Faco) Credit Karma even went up from the baddie and the difference between last months Utility and what's showing this month so

They say Myfico is God so I guess I just have to leave it in their hands and see how it all pans out. I just got a little ticked cause I'm going down the right track, kicking ass and taking names and my score went the other way. Deleat the baddies, get a mix of credit and pay down utility....

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