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Re: Starting to question MyficoM

OP, you'll get a better idea if you compare your previous reports together. Look at the +/- factors. Look at the Credit At-A-Glance page. And look for any baddies within Accounts, Collections, and Public Records to see if there are any changes, differences, etc. I personally would bet against a score increase on utilization alone since it was still high as of your previous report pull (aside from this weekend). You'll start seeing movement as balances hit $0.


On the collection, if would not have negatively impacted AAoA if it was a CA (e.g. AFNI, Midland, etc.) because CAs aren't factored into AAoA. If it was T-Mobile that reported, then you could see a significant score drop if removed since that's an OC.


Finally, SW (or any service) doesn't alert for dropped baddies. It did it's job with the score alert which prompted this thread. Be sure to reset your target score to that new score from your last report pull. The mystery remains on the score drop but you'll have to do some digging and look for changes. Even something small like an added acct with a balance or status change can drop your score like it did.