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Can I really garden my way to 800+?

I always had a credit score in the low-mid 700s & thought that was fine. Since coming here, I've seen things differently and am enjoying the challenge of moving upward. My utilization has gone from 32% to 8%. I've gone from three to six cards. My available credit has nearly tripled. And my Eq FICO has gone from 743 to 769. Now the elusive 800 is within sight. Distant sight, but tantalizingly on the horizon.


I was poking around with the score simulator. No, I don't believe its predictions. Still it intrigued me to be told that I might be able to gain 50 points and go well into 800 territory just by getting my utilization even lower and gardening my accounts for two or more years. (On the other hand, it also said I might gain as few as 10 points by doing that.)


I know that once you're near 800 upward motion can be slow as a glacier. So is it actually possible, in the real world outside the simulator, to gain 50 points and go over 800 just by gardening and fiddling around to find a utilization sweet spot?


I have no installment loans and don't plan to get any. Just credit cards. I'm firmly in the garden for now.