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Re: Can I really garden my way to 800+?
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Sure, given enough time passing.


Point is moot in the current economy though, 760 is the gold-plated level already.  There's few products which have their top tier at that breakpoint, and not a single one above that credit strata.


That said you are correct: the better your report, the longer it will take for score increases to accrue.  As a hypothetical example assuming I keep things on the straight and narrow, I sort of suspect my own progression will be as follows:


560 -> 640 year one.

640 -> 680 year two

680 -> 720 year three (this is where things start really breaking down)

720 -> 760 year six

760 -> 800 year twelve.


Also while one can get to 800 with nothing but credit cards anecdotally, you are leaving points on the ground by not having installment loans for the mix of credit function.  That said, finance a car in the future and get a mortgage someday, and that's enough installment history for the most part, just don't need that many tradelines.


Edit: lender scores may use different versions and be all over the map; I consider the current mortgage scores which include the EQ Beacon 5.0 found here to be the gold standard still; however, others opinions will differ as this score doesn't apply to all loan products.

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