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Re: Starting to question MyficoM

You said Cap One card went up by 6$.

After everything has reported for the month.  Maybe try the Capital One Executive office route.


Just google the CEO's email at capital one.  Shoot an email to them telling them how long you have had the account and that you really like Capital one but need a higher limit that allows more options for you.  Give them a phone number to call you at and they will, quickly. (usually a day or three)


Right now folks are having a LOT of success with Cap One exec office CLI's.  Be reasonable with them and be sure to tell them when they call that you are open to a counter offer so they know you are being reasonable.


If you get the CLI, just garden what you have til it hits a year and one day.  Then perhaps look to Discover IT for your first card.  If you get it, Garden again for another 6 months.


Things will shape up quickly now that you have no baddies.  Believe it. 


Like I said a mid range 600 with NO baddies easily trumps a low range 700 with baddies.  Smiley Happy

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