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Re: Starting to question MyficoM

Received a SW alert on Feb 11th..i always thought if your utility goes "up" that your score would go "down" but instead i got a 3 point increase for it going up $6 lol  and its a secured card Pilot so a CLI is prob not in my cards there. Below is the alert i was 648 when i got the alert...i think i used it to buy a pack of smokes.


February 11, 2013

Alert:The balance on one of your accounts has increased by $6

Score Watch alert/Changes to your FICO® Score

  Your FICO® score has gone up to 651 on February 11, 2013



Starting Score 11/2012 EQ: 615
Current Score 3/19/2014 EQ: 687
Current Score 3/19/2014 TU: 694

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