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Re: Can I really garden my way to 800+?
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Thanks, Revelate, for moving the thread!


Interesting about the newer score models maybe giving higher scores. I know that the TU '08 at Walmart/GE is my highest score of all the FICOs and FAKOs that I know. Feels good, but I'm sticking with the Eq Beacon from MyFico as my ultimate reality check.


Understood on how mortgages and auto loans can help boost a score. Those are just something I don't need and hope I never do need. I've had both in the distant past, but find I'm happier without them. Mortages are so expensive and such hell for low-income self-employed people to get that I hope never to apply for one again.


Now to see how far I can get (in how long a time) just by gardening and fine tuning utilization. I know that at this point it's just "keeping score" rather than expecting any big benefit. But I do think that being closer to 800 would help me next year when my goal is to ask for APR decreases.