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Re: Walmart FICO Accurate?

Sabrian31487 wrote:

Just received my Walmart store card and signed up for FICO score and it says my Transunion FICO is 706. After just getting approved for Walmart, Chase, and discover, with all those inquiries i would have thought my score would have been worse then that but does inquiries really effect FICO scores? Im also hoping that my Equifax FICO didnt take a big hit either.. My equifax before Walmart, Chase and Discover was 708.. 



A few thoughts.


Walmart pulls TU (at least in my case).  However, Chase pulled EX in my case.  So not all your apps may have negatviely impacted TU score.

Number of inquiries is a factor in your credit score, however, is a relatively small facter vs other ones like utilization, and payment histories or presence of other baddies.

Finally, TU08 (from Walmart) and EQ (Beacon 5) from my Fico are slightly different in calculating the scores so it's normal that they are different.

My Starting Score: EQ: 691 (11/30/11) TU98: 726 (11/30/11)
My Current Score: EQ: 779 (04/22/13) TU08: 835 (06/03/13)
DW Starting Score: EQ: 742 (03/02/12) TU98: 748 (03/02/12)
DW Current Score: EQ: 784 (03/11/13) TU08: 775 (06/03/13)