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Re: Walmart FICO Accurate?

You ask if the Walmart FICO is accurate?


According to my understanding, the score we get through Walmart is the Trans Union TU 08 score. The score we get here from myFICO is also from Trans Union and is the TU 98 score.


Which is more accurate is up to the beholder...but there is definitely a difference.


My scores (less than 2 weeks apart with no changes on my credit report):

myFICO TU 98 score: 777

Walmart TU 08 score: 802


My husband's scores (15 days apart with no changes on credit report):

myFICO TU 98 score: 797

Walmart TU 08 score: 822


From the above information, it is pretty clear that the Walmart TU 08 score runs higher than the TU 98 score. If you do the math, in my and my husband's case, the Walmart score is 25 points higher. Which is more accurate? Who knows....they are calculated differently. Not to worry, though. Most banks use the TU 04 score, which we can't even buy. Who knows what that might be?