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Re: Huge Fako score improvement CS

Up until now CS had me ineligible for a score due to not enough information. My Walmart TU score is 520, and my Chase Freedom rejection letter had my Chase fako score at 602.... CK has me at 647 and CS had my score at 689... Im choosing to believe my Walmart TU08 score. I should be eligible for a DCU EQ free FICO score in the next week. I have been working on getting stuff removed and I am hopeful something came off my report and thats why it has jumped. My CS fako score is 689,,, thats a little different from 520..

300/21001100/13001500/25001699/2000Prepaid ,,Recent scores:FICO EX 632,EQ 635,TU 632.. If youlike this could you please give me a kudo by clicking that blue button over to the left? Thanks.Link to my Rebuild Log