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Re: Help with my credit report...

Sitori wrote:
I just got my TU credit report. Down from 700 to 677 from November to now. I opened an amazon, discover and cap1 all in Oct/Nov of last year so I'm sure that affected it. I just paid off my cap1 which hasn't shown yet on my report so hopefully that'll boost it a little but I just had a question regarding my accounts.

It says I have 9 total accounts and I opened 6 last year with 6 reporting balances. Since I only opened 3 credit cards I can only assume the others are from student loans. I Didnt realize they showed as accounts opened. My student loans are being deferred right now bc I'm still in school. Is this hurting me?  All open accounts in good standing are good, except when they are new as that hurts average age of accounts, but that will pass in time and help.

I need to apply for care credit in May for alot of dental work and I'm afraid now I won't be approved. My AAOA Is bad, I only have 1 year reporting with my oldest being 3 years. Trying to pay off my other credit cards before applying but obviously the student loans are not going to be paid off.  Just because your student loans are counting doesn't mean you won't be approved for carecredit.  They were the first company to give me credit after the BK 8 years ago and my CLI with them is up to 8K now.  Be good to carecredit and they will be good to you.  A 677 score will most likely get you a carecredit card, don't sweat it.  But yes keep paying off your other cards because the lower the utilization, the higher the score.

Do they look at student loans the same as credit accounts?  Who are "they"?  FICO?  How it scores you?  Student loans are installment accounts, credit cards are revolving, this is good because it shows a mix of credit.

It's also showing 8 inquiries in the last year. When applying for a student loan is that considered an inquiry too?  Yes.  An inquiry is an inquiry.  Some are "hard pulls" which can count against your score, though not as much as people thing.  A "soft pull" which is what you do when you pull your own credit, does not affect your score.  Hard pulls stay on your reports 2 years but only count towards scoring for 1 year, and soft pulls are removed after 1 year.

This stinks. I thought I was doing really well. Hopefully when I pay off my last card ill get back up to 700. But I'm just concerned with be able toget new credit in the next month with this issue of my AAOA and number of accounts showing balances.  What stinks?  I'm confused why you are upset.


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