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Re: Help with my credit report...
Upset bc I didnt realize the student loans are affecting my score.
My report says the AAOA is the number one reason for my score dropping and not being higher than it is. If I continue getting student loans won't that continue to hold my score back from getting up or staying up in the 700s?

I paid off my cap1 card but it's still reporting on my credit report with a 450$ balance. I paid it a few weeks ago. Do you think it'll report as zero balance next month? If I have a 677 now, once it shows as another account paid off do you think it'll push me up over the 680 mark?

I'm not sure who care credit pulls but I'm seeing it on my TU report..not sure if its also on the EQ. If they check the TU instead I may have a better chance since I have a higher TU score.

EQ 701, TU 685, EX ?
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