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Re: Judgment, collections, utilization and inquiry

Ok, so I am going to see this fall again.  I just took another inquiry.  I was approved for Chase Freedom.  I am going to be getting a mortgage for my house and banker said I needed another credit card (I have one with them and a VS)  This will make three.  He adviced to have four.  


My questions:


1.  How long will the inquires hurt my score?  How long until I start to see some of the points come back.  I know after a year you have all the points back.


2.  What can I expect having a third card report?  It is Chase Freedom with $1000 cl.  I will keep it at a zero balance.  (use once a month and pay off before it reports).  The only other things reporting is one student loan, 10 mo CU VISA $150/1000 and 1 mo VS $0/350.  I also have 2 paid of student loans.  NO baddies at all.  Oldest account is 20 years and AAoA is 6 years.

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