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Re: Help with my credit report...
I also went to college and had 12 different Sallie Mae loans reporting until I consolidated after I graduated, now only 2 report. (Subsidized/unsubsidized). At first it stinks but boy oh boy, it sure helped my score when I was house buying. My EX (which reported them after the 10 year fall off date) score was always higher (see sig) than the rest - I never could figure it out until those loans fell off!!! So in time you will be so glad they are there.

Just last year they resold, so they re-reported. There is nothing you can do about it except accept it or stop getting loans. Go over to the student loan section for more info if you are still bugged about it

Make sure at least one of your revolving accounts reports a small balance for max FICO pointage. Good Luck
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