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Transunion is 707 (Barclay) eq 625 (discover) can I expect eq and experian (656 fako)to catch up,once FP and Lvnv go away?? transunion deleted trade line when I disputed.
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Re: 707-625
My credit reports are almost identical my scores tu 680 ex 636 eq 670 my exp in always lower I think they weight baddies slightly more just my theory. So there are always variants. TU score has always been my best thought it could be related to inq who knows. Well see since I'm gardening for a year.
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Re: 707-625

Mine are extreme in that regard and Idk why. EQ is 625 and TU 519 and I got the two scores within 7 days of each other and they are both real fico scores and there is no noticible difference between reports. They both contain the same items.

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Re: 707-625
do you have the same number of TL's reporting on each? i ask because in my case, my TU has 26 TL's whereas my EQ has 19..and i have a 70 point fico difference between the two. Assuming this is mostly AAoA
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