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Accuracy of MyFico Scores?
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This has been a great resource to use.  I was wondering if anyone knew how accurate the scores on this site are.  I have a 698 for TransUnion and Equifax.  If I apply for a refinancing, they have told me that I need to get to 700.  I think I can do that in a month or so by paying down another credit card fairly significantly.  However, I don't want the bank to pull my scores until I am pretty sure that they are at 700.  How confident can I be a 700 on this site will equal a 700 on something pulled by a lender?  I have 710, 716. 724, and 742 on other sites, but I know those are FAKOs and I really don't have any faith in them (although they are fun to look at and review).


Thanks in advance.