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If AAoA and ult stay the same when opening new accounts

My AAoA was 22 months and after opening 6 new cards in the last 3 weeks it went down to 11 months, but by the time the new accounts report and I look at my score, it will be next month and my AAoA will be 12 months (aka my AAoA will be 1 year again like before I got these 6 new cards, because 22 months is rounded down to 1 year)


Utilization stayed at 0%


I realize new inquires will hurt my score (at the time Discover requested my TU score I had 0 inquires on it) I now have 4, so my score will be going down becuase of that, which is fine becuase I know in a year it will go back up


considering those 2 factors (AAoA and Ult) will stay the same and that I know my score will go down from the new HPs I am wondering where you guys think my TU Score may be next month when I check it, compared to 758 when discover pulled it, I know new accounts have an affect on your score, but I don't really understand how much (obviously because if I did I probably wouldn't have opened 6 new cards! haha)

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