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Re: If AAoA and ult stay the same when opening new accounts

llecs wrote:

Ignore AAoA because it never changed. At 22 months it is viewed as 1 year. At 11 months, it's still viewed as 1 year (per FICO scoring). So after adding these accounts AAoA will have remained unchanged as you mentioned.


IMO, inquiries are a tiny part of scoring. Maybe you might see a ding if you go from 0 to 1 or 1 to 2 inquiries. But beyond that no damage per se. The damage will come from the new TLs though. IME, I lost 20-25 per new TL reporting. If I applied in batches, then damage isn't too much beyond that. Assuming everything is listed in your siggy, you already have new accounts. Everything is new except for the BCE. The newness of those accounts prior to these new ones already are weighing on that loss. If I had to guess, I'd guess a 10-15 drop on TU,  and maybe 15-20 on EQ. And if anyone cares, if you looked on CK I'd guess 50+.



awesome, thanks for the quick response!


I'm glad my AAoA will stay the same,and considering my inquires went from 0 to 4 I have a feeling that will hurt me some

(does the HP that is being done when a bank pulls your score count toward the score they see? example, I had no inquires on my TU when Discover pullled my score, does that 758 score reflect 1 HP or 0?)



but you think that my score will only drop 10-15 pionts all together on my TU from my 6 new accounts? or 10-15 pionts per new account?



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