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Re: Unfairly penalized 14 points due to change in Credit Card company ownership

Looking back at it very carefully, I can't figure out the rationale for the score change as it doesn't show both cards and I don't have more cards with balances.  My score alert from myFico said too many credit cards with balances was only a "possible reason" but now I don't buy that so I really have no idea why my score changed.  I paid down about $20,000 last month which doesn't show yet but it picked up a $261 increase on a card from zero which I pay to zero every month when the bill comes as a reason for my credit score lowering.  To add to the problem with working on my credit score to get over 720, my wife and I just learned this weekend that both of us just had our identity stolen and someone went around applying for payday loans online and actually received payday loans from and then deposited the money into online account with Ally Bank and nothing was done in person so they stole over $2,000 that we know of so far without ever showing their face.  Working through that to keep it off my score and have put fraud alerts on our accounts.