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Re: Accuracy of MyFico Scores?

I don't think this information is accurate. You say it is the same used by the lenders, but this is untrue. I monitor my credit through and also through Equifax, Experien and TransUnion. On my 3-credit report from Equifax it shows that my FICO score with them is still a 580 though you show it as a 636. My Experien shows it as a 665 though on my 3-credit bureau report it says it is a 608


So what is the real score? How does someone actually 'monitor' their credit when they are given varying credit scores depending on where they look? I had disputed a lot of items in my credit report and when myFICO came back saying it raised my score by over 47 points I was thrilled. But then I went to Equifax and say they still have me as a 580 though you show me as a 636...


I just don't trust any of you