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Re: Accuracy of MyFico Scores?
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I was hoping to actually get to someone who runs this website and/or the scores and tell me where they get their numbers since it is so much different. I thought what I was looking at was my actual FICO score, but if this is just another fly-by-night-kind-of-almost-monitoring-your-credit site, I don't want to pay for the service if what they show me is, again, not accurate. I want a REAL score from a REAL agency. Not another random 'almost'


I mean, now we throw in the FAKO score with the FICO score and the PLUS score. I was told that the credit bureaus use the FICO score but now I am hearing that they don't? Who the hell uses the right score to monitor our credit? If we're told that the lenders use FICO why are they using FAKO? Am I the only one who thinks this is ludicrous?


So what you're saying is that when a lender pulls my credit bureau reports, they are not even getting a real credit score? We went to refinance our property and when the lender pulled our credit report, it showed my FICO at almost 60-100 points LOWER than what this sites supposed "score" is. Also, according to Equifax, TransUnion and Experien, they get my scores from a FICO..but if your score and their score are 50+ points different, how is that even accurate? And, the lender pulled the 3-credit bureau report which, supposedly, had my current FICO score. Something is not right with any of this. How can a consumer really monitor their credit when there are so many different 'versions' of that credit? Its very misleading to think that your credit is almost 100 points higher than what you find it is when you actually apply for credit and/or refinancing


I do understand that the bases their score off of a PLUS score which is essentially a worthless number that doesn't mean anymore than throwing away the $12.95 monthly fee for essentially getting nothing in return. But THIS website ( should give an accurate snapshot of my actual credit FICO score...but it doesn't...


So which score is right? You say your website score is right. But the 3-credit bureaus who say tha they get their info from a FICO score obviously are not looking at the same thing you are...


It's misleading. No matter how you put a spin on it