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Re: Experian Soft Pulls

AndySoCal wrote:

You should be able to see them on credit reports from It is free as long as you do not request a score.

Unless something has changed, you can do that only once per 12 months (not calendar year). 

An alternative, if you have an Experian account (or you can create one, it's free) is to log in, go to "reports", then choose to dispute an item on the report.  You'll get a form to fill out and the usual caveats and acknowledgements at the bottom of the screen.  When you click "submit" you'll get a full report from EX that includes up-to-the-minute hard and soft pulls, valid to the date of your inquiry.  You'll see everything there!  Once you've finished, you can simply back out/log off the report, you don't actually have to dispute anything. 

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