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Re: Accuracy of MyFico Scores?

dyneemo wrote:

 I had disputed a lot of items in my credit report and when myFICO came back saying it raised my score by over 47 points I was thrilled. But then I went to Equifax and say they still have me as a 580 though you show me as a 636...


The myfico Equifax credit score you can purchase here is the exact same score you will get from mortgage lenders.  I've pulled scores four times each for my wife and 8 total Equifax scores...and two different lenders pulled credit reports for us twice each.  They always match. It's the same formula.


The equifax score you are purchasing is probably a FAKO. 


As for the TU98 vs TU04 mentioned earlier in the my experience, buying those scores also 8 times for my wife and I, our lender pulled score TU04 was at least 15 points higher for us on every occasion.  Most people do see a higher score in 04 than in 98 though obviously that's not always going to be the case for everyone.