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Re: Accuracy of MyFico Scores?

dyneemo wrote:

But THIS website ( should give an accurate snapshot of my actual credit FICO score...but it doesn't...



If your Equifax score pulled by the lender doesn't match the equifax score here, then your lender is using a version of Equifax that almost no other lender is using.  in addition, if you say you disputed some things, then we really have no idea how those items are currently being reflected in your credit reports right now.


It's also worth mentioning that WHEN you pull your scores is very important in comparison.  And just sa ying "Well, the lender pulled the scores 3 hours after i got them from myfico" isn't much help. 


I got a scorewatch alert that my wife's equifax score had jumped 6 points at the end of February.  But literally 2 minutes later, i bought an equifax credit report and score...and the score was now 652.  So i bought a transunion credit report from here...and her score had not gone up.  It seems i pulled the equifax credit report just after it was updated with a new credit card balance...but the transunion report had not been updated yet.


2 days later, i bought another transunion report...and the information had been updated and my wife's credit score jumped up 30 points.  2 weeks later, our mortgage lender pulled our credit scores, and our Equifax scores matched exactly.