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TU vs. EQ
I was expecting a EQ bump this week but didn't get one, so out of curiosity, I pulled my EQ report & my TU report. You can see in my signature I had a recent rebucketing with EQ. My CC usage is now lower than it was when my EQ score was 731 and yet it's only 707! During this time my TU score has jumped from 721 to 754 - WTH!?

By the way - my payment history is "great", my amount of debt is "good", and my length of credit history and amount of new credit are both "very good"

When am I going to see my EQ number bump??? It's killing me that I've been working so hard to pay down debt & it's taken a nosedive!
No baddies - only high CC utilization - Goal of 800!
3/2012 EQ 707 76% CC utilization ~ 3/2013 EQ 731 TU 721 56% CC
4/2013 EQ 703 TU 731 56% CC utilization *rebucketed*
4/2013 EQ 707 TU 754 45% CC utilization
4/2013 EQ 721 TU 754 45% CC utilization