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Re: New low fico- 515

kivtao wrote:

New to this forum.  I was looking for a place that could put me on a plan to increase credit score by leaps and bounds.  We had horrible financial problems in the last few years.  No foreclosures or anything catastrophic though.  we have just sold our house and we are renting and with our tax return just paid down a good portion of our debt.  Is there a app/guide/company that can be a mentor or a guide as to how to raise the score as quickly as possible?  Also, our income has increased by about 25 percent.  Does that help?  Any and all advice appreciated, I am trying hard not to be in denial anymore!!!!

First, WELCOME to the forum!  :smileyhappy:

There's a wealth of information here.  What I would suggest is, that you read all the information in all the stickies at the various forums here.  Start with right here in Understanding FICO Scoring. check out the General forum, and also worthwhile is the Rebuilding forum.  After you've gotten through those, you might want to also check out the Credit Card forum, but I would suggest that you read only the stickies there, and not so much  the messages there just yet.  There's a lot of folks there that are applying for a lot of credit cards, and I honestly don't think that would be in your best interest at this point in time.  At some point, that will be a good place for you, but not just yet.   


I know you want to increase your score in "leaps and bounds", but time is your biggest ally.  Read everything, make a plan based on what you read, and stick to it!  You'll be surprised at how much of an improvement you'll see by doing this.  Don't hesitate to ask questions here, there's always someone around that's willing to answer a question.  AND...don't worry about the score right now.  There's been worse.  You're headed in the right direction simply by coming here and posting that you need help.  And there's lots of folks here to lend a hand !




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