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Re: EQ scoring
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CreditDrama85 wrote:

does anyone else have Equifax consistently as their lowest score? is there a MAJOR difference in the scoring models that is different from trans union and experian?


My equifax score is always 75-100 points lower than trans union fico and experian vantage score. the reports look the same though.

Ignore Vantage when comparing FICOs because the score range is different (501-990 vs 300-850) and Vantage factors in stuff that FICO does not and vice-versa.


If comparing Classic FICO scores like on here, know that there is a difference in the formulas. IME, EQ was more sensitive to util vs. TU and EQ seemed more sensitive to AAoA/length of history vs. TU. IME, TU was more sensitive to baddies vs. EQ. And certainly no two reports are alike. Small differences like baddies on one and not the other can throw a score off. Reported [different] balances can throw it all off. Reported dates on baddies can do it too.