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Re: Score went down almost 50 points due to disputing comments on my credit report

Would that service happen to be Credit Complete? does offer FICO scores, but they also sell their own score called an "Equifax Credit Score". This FAKO isn't used by any lenders and is available on most of their product offerings including "Equifax Complete", single reports w/ scores, etc. Make sure any score you are looking at has the word "FICO" next to it. The only product offered that monitors and continually reports your FICO is their version of ScoreWatch called "Score Watch". If you are looking at their FICO just know that if your FAKO decreases by 50 points it definitely won't mean your FICO would have done the same. I used their FAKO before just to compare with FICO and many times my FICO would increase and the FAKO decrease for the same event. Definitely worth ignoring especially since lenders won't use it.


If you have Score Watch through, then you would be alerted to a FICO change. I have have never used their version of ScoreWatch, but assuming it's the same you cannot assume that an account change produced the 50 point drop. For example, I once got a SW alert for +20 because I added an inquiry. An inquiry doesn't increase your FICO but it was a baddie dropping that SW doesn't alert to that resulted in the FICO increase. In other words, if you have their SW product, and you got an alert for -50 due to a cleared dispute, then there could very well be other changes to your CR that resulted in the drop, like missing accounts, dropped accounts, other accounts in dispute, etc.