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Re: Experian Scores...

      I would say to assume that your EX score is 80 to 100 points lower than the score they gave you would probably be incorrect. There just doesn't seem to be much basis to assume that.  You stated that in your case your fako scores tend to be 100 pts higher then your real scores. I would not use that as a basis to evaluate your EX score, Without knowing what sort of score you were quoted by those banks there is no way to make a judgement with that score. If I were forced to make a call on it I would say that the EX score you were given may be close to your real EX fico score especially as Guinness said based on the score range guidance that they gave you. My most recent score from Chase which was on a rejection letter was some sort of fako score cause the range they gave me had 900 something as the upper limit. 

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