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Re: Credit Bureaus Score Models

Ok, I have a question I will post in two places to see who can help.  I currently purchase the MyFico Quarterly Monitoring in an effort to improve my score and clean up my report.  I have a MyFico score from Jan & April - stayed the same in fact.  My credit union just sent a letter denying renewal of their Visa due to the baddies on the report - and the low score.  The letter indicated I had an Equifax Score of 578 as of January 2013, but in fact my Trans Union Fico from MyFico is 615.  Before I call to negotiate this cancellation, I want to know exactly where to get an Equifax Score that matches what they are looking at.  When on the MyFico website, I do not see where I can purchase an Equifax Score - only the report.  Though I do want a report so that I can see if the baddies are reported as being paid, which almost all should be paid by now, I also want to have a current score in my hand prior to calling.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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