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Re: Is TU monitoring for all 3 bureaus and scores?

myhearts07 wrote:
Crapola..  What's the point in having them then?

CS and TC are inexpensive ways to monitor your reports, not scores. For about $12 dollars a month, you can pull 30 or 31 times a month. If you pulled all three of your reports daily at myfico, just think how much that would be.
I pull daily from CS and TC, if something major changes on any of my CRs, then I will come to this site my pull my report(s). For those in credit recovery/repair mode, these monitoring services will let know when the crud is removed (baddies, derogs), when new accounts, CLIs, inqs and etc. report, and it's also helpful in preventing identity theft.
Personally, I'm waiting for two new accounts to report, CITI Dividends and a Chase joint account with my DW.

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