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Wifes Score Raising Faster Than Mine. Why?

I have spent the past few years improving my credit score. The problems it had were some small medical collections, a First Premier CC collection and settlement, and finally a couple 60 day old payments 4 years ago. During this time my score has very slowly, but surely improved from around 560 up to the scores listed below.


Meanwhile my wife had similar medical collections, a judgement and a bank CC that she let go into collections over a dispute on the fees they charged. A couple of months ago she paid all that off and within 4 months her FICO scores are only about 10-25 points below mine!


I am happy hers have improved, but I am confused about why hers shot up and mine move up like molasses. Somthing odd though is that even though her scores are only slightly lower than mine the CC companies seem to give her much lower limits than mine do. Her highest limit is $1000 where mine is $2500. Any thoughts on this?

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