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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring
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Hi Tuscani, Great thread! Thanks for your time and effort. Would you mind giving your opinion on my credit as it pertains to a car loan? My current credit scores are as follows: As of July 20th they were Experian, 679, TransUnion, 685, and Equifax, 693. At this time I was showing debt of 1,289 at 18 percent usage on my cards. Oddly, when I signed up for Score Watch today, it showed my debt down to 1,119 at 16 percent usage and my EQ score jumpted to 715. Can you explain such a large swing? That seems a bit much for only a 170 dollar pay down. Incidentally, I've recently paid off my cards completely but it hasn't hit the CRA's yet. I'm waiting for all my balances to fall under 2 percent usage before I apply for the car loan. As for the details, the positive is that my debt load ratio is lowish and I've never had even one late payment. No charge-offs, no bankruptcies, no nada. However, I do have one collection account -- a medical bill that was paid 4 months late back in Feb. of 2005. I tried disputing it since it was an insurance snafu but I didn't win. The negative, besides the collection, is that my credit isn't old. FICO shows my credit as being only 5 years old with my average age of accounts as being 3 years. Also, my highest credit card limit is only two thousand. Additionally, I have never had a car loan. My only credit is 5 credit cards and a gas card. What I'd like to do is qualify for Mazda's 4.9 model year close-out incentive rate for a new car purchase. Can you comment on the likelihood of this? I hear that things like the down payment effect qualification. I plan on going in on the last day of the month and buying a 2007, which hopefully, will mean they're desperate to deal. However, I don't know if tactics like these have any impact on the interest rate or just the price of the car. Anything you can add will be much appreciated!

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