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Re: Credit Score DROPPED 15 Points!!! And I don't know why! Help

Crer007 wrote:
Right. The account was not sold. Still it doesn't explain my score dropping. Also I forgot to mention that I was disputing an erroneous late on that mortgage from 2008 which was deleted along with the account change. So if anything my score should have gone up. Before I disputed the late the account was reported as open with correct balance. It is all very confusing. What I'm trying to say is nothing Negative happened for my score to go down only positive changes.

Did you mean EQ vs. EX?


Your FICO will ignore certain aspects during a dispute, including your payment history. Therefore, you wouldn't see any increase if that late was deleted. And FICO would have ignored it upon the initial alert so any gains would have been then. Also, FICO largely ignore lates that old at 30 or even up to 60 days late, so unless it was a 90+ or worse, then you wouldn't see any changes there either.


If the -15 came from a SW alert, then know that the score change is a NET score change. It doesn't mean that the end of the dispute or even that account caused the score drop. There could have been other factors influencing that drop like util.