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Re: FICO vs FACO vs myFICO scores

RainaB13 wrote:
Is myFICO the only nonFACO site? How different are myFICo,FACO & FICO scores? Why can't consumers see the same scores creditors see.
I think that, within reason, my officer at my credit union will show me my score from which ever bureau they use. When I first opened my account there, he did & sat me down & discussed it with me. It started out not being high enough for me to be able to open a checking account, just savings. Then a Visa with a $3000 CL. Since then my score has gone up 177 points.
I went there because of Suze Orman(please, no faces. ) They are friendlier than any bank I've had since the 70's.

there are other ways you can get fico scores like if you open an walmart store or walmart discover card you get an TU fico, also dcu and psecu offer fico score if you have accounts with them. 

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