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Re: FICO vs FACO vs myFICO scores

RainaB13 wrote:
Score was under 575. What are dcu & psecu? I read abbreviations but so much wasn't in there.
I had gone through a bad patch & was actually still turning down offers. They gave me a checking account & a Visa with a $3000 limit after not too long.
I've been reading in the forums & I'm starting to understand but, why are the actual scores kept secret?

dcu=digital credit union and psecu=penn state employee credit union. If you have account with them you get free fico scores. The problem from what i know about fico scores there are so many versions of them. I think there is like over 45 different versions. That may be part of the problem. I would just try and be patient and make sure you pif every month and in time, you will be able to get some of those cb cards you want. Do you have any in particular you are aiming for, because i think freedom and discover it may be an bit easier to get then say an amex bcp 

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