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Re: FICO vs FACO vs myFICO scores
I could very well be crazy! I had totally given up wants. Ordered in a pizza the other night to celebrate my CLI. Now I might just go out of control! Next, giving up lavender scented cleaners.
My Sephora VIB days are over. My only splurge is my, soon to be, 97 yr old mother; as long as she can enjoy it!
Actually, having money in the bank & getting my credit solid feels good. I had good credit mid 20's-mid 30's. Long story. My 1st job was actually getting nabbed from Xmas help to New Accounts in a prestigious department store. 1976, we could get bank information then. When I moved on a computer accidentally gave me 20% off for another yr (or my friends there.) I knew how to temporarily change my limit etc.