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Re: Advice on improving my score.



Half of my cards were closed in the consolidation through the credit union - CAP1 stayed open - My score for TRU is was a 682 and Equifax 666 prior to the consolidation loan.   In less than a week my score has gone from 666 EQ to 721 and My TRU from 682 to 734.       Just to see what would happen I applied for a new card and I got a 3K limit with cap1 and a new discover card (which I always was denied for previosly)  I know I shouldnt have applied but I did it for the credit education purpose, however I will keep the Cap 1 I just wont activate the Discover.  I just wanted to make a UPDATE post since this may have been helpful to somebody that is reading this.  Ill be sure to check back in to this post maybe 6 months from now.   I must say that this credit union totally helped me and I am so greatful.