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Re: Yet another Fico vs. Fako
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JMerrill110067 wrote:



There is a large differential between two of my credit monitoring services that I pay for. Please help me ditch one, the other, or both depending on which one is accurate. $17/month is not insignificant.


My two accounts are: 

- Transunion Total

- Experian Direct (with just the one Experian score)


Which one is more accurate, please? When I search, I'm finding a lot of dated information and the OP's tend to not mention which service they use, so I'd like to reopen this discussion. 


Thank you!

FAKOs should only be used for entertainment purposes, since that is their own caveat.  If I were you, I'd dump the ones that you're paying for, and if you feel the need for a FAKO monitoring service, use something like CreditKarma or Credit Sesame,which are both free.  However, be aware that they have their own flaws.  Hence their value only as an entertainment tool.


If you have a need to have a pay service, go with ScoreWatch and get a true EQ FICO score right here. 

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