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Re: High Balance vs Utilization and impact on scoring

No, it will indeed affect your score.


It depends on when your CC reports the balance to the CRAs. My Cap 1 is due on the 3rd, statements close on the 6th and then they report the balance around the 10th. If I have $700 on the card when they report to the CRAs then that is the new balance that is used to determine the current credit score. $700 balance on a $1000 CL will drop your score compared to a balance <$100 on a $1000CL. It shouldn't be too drastic and like I said, after you pay the card off and it updates the CRAs back to a low balance your score should recover.


You'll be at %70 UTIL which is high but I don't believe it will be considered maxed out. I believe it's over %80 when they start to consider the card maxed out which will drop your score lower. Again, once your balance is paid back down your score will recover.



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