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Question for FICO experts

What is the lowest score you can have with a perfectly clean record?  No lates, collections, public records or BKs?



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Re: Question for FICO experts

I'm lacking in the expertise department, but from experience, my EQ FICO was around 650 with zero baddies reporting, but with util around 89%. I suppose it could have been lower if I had some recent new TLs reporting and maybe a younger history.

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Re: Question for FICO experts

No expert here but my score was a 600 one time with no baddies. Maxed out cards and a whole lot of new accounts.


Paid off cards and let the accounts age a year and BAM.....went to the 700 club.

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Re: Question for FICO experts

Yes! Yes! inquiring minds want to know....!

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