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Re: Yet another Fico vs. Fako

AndySoCal wrote:

My question to you would be what is your purpose fror having a credit monitering service? I use a credit monitering service (which I pay for) which provides  FAKO score. I am fine with that. As a matter of a fact I do not even care what the score is no matter if it is FICO or FAKO.  The score is not why I have the service. The reason why I have the service is to make sure that the credit data being reported is accurate. If the data is accurate the score will be whatever it will be and the score will be correct..  Also, to checl for any fraudulaent or potentially fraud activity and resolve it ASAP. If you are buying the service just for the score I would rethink why you have the service.

Yup, I agree.  I also use a credit monitoring service from AMEX, their CreditSecure.  I also understand it's a FAKO.  That said, I've also found that their FAKO is closer to my FICO here. Rather than for the score,  I also use the CMS primarily for the reports that are available, which for me are very thorough, and for the changes that post to my accounts as they occur.  I also have various alerts set up, and get notifications via email and SMS to my cell phone.  Then I can check CreditSecure, or come here and Check MyFICO reports. 


I do use the "free" services, but only for entertainment purposes, and they are usually not accurate and don't include my closed/favourable TLs.  Just today, I had to send a message to Credit Sesame, one of my credit cards is showing a balance (which I expected), but they are showing it TWICE, doubling the balance on my card, affecting my utilisation, and dropping my score a point.  No biggie.  I know it's incorrect as I checked my Experian report here after the date for the alert from Credit Sesame, and it's only reporting once.  It was a major purchase that I plan to pay off over a few months, but the "damage" was done at Credit Sesame.  Fortunately not at Experian, either from their report from here, or via CreditSecure, which should be, and is, the same data. 

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