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Stuck at 630



Noob here. I've been trying for 3 years to break 630 and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT go beyond. Can any experts, or anyone help me figure this out? I've been trying to refinance and about to give up.


My FICO score has fluctuated between 615 and 635 for four years.  My bureau scores are 65 points higher each, but I understand the lenders use FICO.


Here's the rundown:


I make 45K, and owe 164K on my home.  Only (2) 30 day late pmts in a six year period.

I have no other loans or debt.

I have (1) secured CC with a $300 limit. Always paid on time. Low $ usage. Have had acct for 2 years.

I have (1) non-secured CC with a $300 limit.  Always paid on time. Low $ usage. Have had acct for 1 yr.

One acct in collections from 2010 for $600.


I am trying to get the collections agency to agree to a PFD letter. 


Suggestions? What do I need to do?


Thanks so much for the help.