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Re: How many point increase should I expect?


finfree wrote:

Interestingly TU updated for this deletion and I only got a 35 point bump on my TU score. I'm not complaining, just noting how TU and EQ apparently use different algorithms in computing their scores.


They definitely use different algorithms. Each CRA has its own formula, slightly different from the others.


Combined with the fact that most of us have info that is slightly different on each of our three reports explains why our FICO scores are nearly always different from one another.

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

Yesterday I received the scores shown below from a lender (I'm considering taking out a small mortgage on my home). These scores would not have been possible without the information and resources I obtained here. Paying attention to my CR has really paid off. One question: I have no mortgage loans or installments loans just credit cards (I've had mortgages in the past but they were paid off when my houses sold, and my current hourse is owned free and clear). If I do take out a small mortgage will this increase my score because of a better credit mix, or hurt it because of the credit inquiry (already happened) but loan?


Thanks and happy holidays to all!!

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

I can't answer your question, but just wanted to say you did an amazing job with your scores. HUGE Congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

I just had a Paid collection removed from my report which resulted in my score going from 666 to 690. I also had a 4 and half year old late payment from a closed account removed from my report that jumped me from 690 to 715. Today I got another alert with no real explanation that my score went from 715 to 726.

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?
Hi, just curious how you had a paid collection deleted. I've heard that's very hard to do. Great job getting that removed. Any advice you can give would be wonderful...I need all the help I can get.
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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

I know this is last year's thread, but I just wanted to say that when I pull my credit reports I receive the comment about one reason my score is lower is because I don't have a mortgage. Implying it would be higher if I did, (for the credit mix).

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?
I had 8 student loan derogatory items on my report for 120 days. They occurred 7-10 yrs ago and with Lexington law...were finally removed. Its a long story as to why those items are there, but those items were supposed to be consolidated and deferred. How many points will the deleted derogatory items showing 120days late raise my score. I had dropped to 588.
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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

I am not sure of how much it will increase with the student loans.  I was in the same boat and had five very derogatory payments on my student loans while going through a your mortgage or student loans?  I completed a rehabilitation and have documentation that they will remove all adverse reports and after the third dispute which is pending they still remain on my credit.  I will repost once they are removed to let you know how much my score has increased.  This has been a battle for sure. 

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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

Ok so I know this thread is old but didn't want to start a new one without updating this one first. My wife and I are trying to buy a house right now and we're trying to get her credit fixed so that she can go on the mortgage with me as she doesn't qualify right now with a middle FICO score of a 559. She had 15 collections on her account, of which I've paid off all, and gotten 12 to agree for a pay for delete. I just did this last week and it totaled about $7600 in all. The other three accounts will show up as Paid In Full previous Collections. My score is in the 650-680 range between all 3 bureaus and I qualify for a FHA mortgage but we need her to be a 640 to get into the right FHA program. It sucks but we have to wait 3-5 weeks for her credit reports to update, how many points will she gain?  She has 6 good credit cards all 0 balances and paid in full every month as well as 2 current car loans as well as 1 previous all paid as agreed. 





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Re: How many point increase should I expect?

My starting scores reflect 1 bad (paid collection) on each report. My file is considerably thinner than yours and when the last item fell off my scores updated to my current scores. And just as a note, removal of a baddie is not an updatable event. If you go into the products list you can see what events trigger an update. 

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