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Re: Searching for Hope....

I can understand the frustration.  On the accounts the at were in/ are in dspute are they all collection accounts? if not why were they disputed also on the collection account(s) When were thye opened with the collection agency? For now let just focus on the Equifax report with the 604 score. If you do not have acopy of your Equifax report please use it is free and you do not need a score with the report.

Equifax My FICO score 815 5/28/2012, 818 on 7/28/2014 . Average of Accounts 12 years and no Installment accounts. MyFICO TU 810 6/26/2012 809 4/21/2013 MyFICO XPN -805. 2/26/2014 Discover TU FICO 813 App free since 9/2011