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Very confused now- please help
Hello all,
I have been reading and following suggestions here for over a year. I have learned a lot and am thankful for all the knowledge made available.
I buy a copy of my reports here on this site monthly. I recently had the last 2 of my collections removed from my trans union report. I purchased a new t/u report on this site to see what type of increase in score that made. It was a moderate increase, bringing my score to 675! Yay me.... So I thought.
I applied for a CC from Barclays based on site feedback in conjunction with my score . I got the message of " further review required" I called the back door number,spoke to a guy that asked a few questions, job history, income, address. After that he said basically sorry we want to see longer history on the cc you currently have and a score. Increase. At that point I told him I have two cap one cards and a newer first premier. All with perfect payment history. He stated cap one cards are reporting as authorized user, not individual account. I'm pretty baffled by this, nobody else is on my cards. Then I asked why my score was not good enough, being a 675. The man stated my score was no where near that, and told me it was pulled from TU only, and the score was 583!!!! What the ??? How is this possible? It was my highest score I thought. I have read credit karma will be lower, which is accurate in my case being 646. I can't understand why there is a 92 point difference in myfico , and what a CC company pulls, especially when they tell me they are using a fico score. Can anyone educate me how to handle this? Now I have no idea what to believe.On top of a hard inquiry, which will probably drop my already pathetic new real score , I don't know how to accurately monitor my scores in preparation of a home and car loan. Thank you all for advice and direction.