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Re: Very confused now- please help
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There are at least 49 different FICO scores. I say at least because there could be up to 49 for each of the 3 CRAs which will make it 49*3.



My guess is that the FICO you purchased from is Classic FICO 98 score based on TU's CR and the one Barclay's pulled on you is one of the 48 other FICO scores, probably one of the Bankcard enhanced ones. I suggest that you try another lender who may be using Classic FICO scores that sells to us. 675 should be good enough to get you at least something. I recommend Bank of America as I think they use Experian FICO 08 scores (the same one sold by EX should be similar to your TU in theory.. but then again, my EQ and EX pulled on the same day differes by more than 70 points..


I don't think there is enough information out there for people to truely understand even in this forum. People are still trying to figure it all out.


It is very confusing indeed.

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