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Re: Getting A Free Score When You Apply For A Mortgage?

I could be wrong, but I think it falls under the FACTA provisions of the FCRA (FACTA is an amendment of the FCRA). Historically, lenders will provide your tri-merge along with all three scores when you apply for a mortgage.


Each lender can pick or choose which FICO scores they want to use in consideration of evaluating credit. They can opt to use the newer versions or older versions. It's up to them. A vast majority of mortgage lenders use:


Beacon 5.0 (same as on myFICO) for EQ

Fair Isaac Risk Model v2 for EX (used to be available on can only get it via PSECU...myFICO offers a version that's 10 yrs newer).

Empirica 04 (also called FICO Classic Risk Model 04....6 yrs newer than the version on here).