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Re: Very confused now- please help

09Lexie wrote:
First, if Cap 1 is reporting as AU and not individual that's a problem. If it's is, there are some lenders that discount AUs ( sounds like Barckays is one) and consequently their scoring will 'remove' that accounts history from your score.

When you get your letter, get a copy from TU and make sure it reads as individual. If it does not, dispute the reporting and once updated have TU forward a copy to Barclays. Chances are they will want to re-pull your cr but if it's that big of difference it might be well worth the HP.

Thank you Smiley Happy

Thank you all actually for the replys. Hopefully this waiting game will pass quickly and I can go back to having good scores again. I tell ya what, I passed off identity theft as being a joke and simple to correct. I have since eaten those words by more than words can explain, 18 months have passed and I still couldnt finance a pack of bubble gum and make really good money. No debt to speak of, other than normal things that go with a house and kids. Anyways, thanks again people !