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Here's my "theory":


We know FICO smiles when UTI <9%; and all cards report ZERO balance but one.  But, "WHICH" card?


I "theorize" that the card to report a balance of 9% should be the card with the highest CL.


My experiment is as follows:


Discover has the largest CL for me at $14,300.  I carry FIVE total cards with a maximum credit of $26,300.


To MAXIMIZE fico I am going to place 9% of the allotted credit of my Discover maximum (or, $1,287.00); hence, my TOTAL Utilization will be 5%.


I hypothesize that this formula will produce the MAXIMUM fico score.  One card reporting a balalance of 9% (less than 10% of that cards limit); no other cards reporting a balance; and, TOTAL uti then at 5%.


Well, am I a FICO Eiinstein or have I become a voodoo numerologist????????